Sarah Crespi takes a pop quiz on literal life hacking, spotting poverty from outer space, and the size of the average American’s vocabulary with Catherine Matacic.  

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You can already buy a quantum dot television, but it’s really just the beginning of the infiltration of quantum dots into our everyday lives. Cherie Kagan is here to talk about her in-depth review of the technology published in this week’s issue.  

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admin on August 25th, 2016

Astrophysicists have proposed a clever new way to shed light on the mystery of dark matter, believed to make up most of the universe. The irony is they want to try to pin down the nature of this unexplained phenomenon by using another, an obscure cosmic emanation known as ‘fast radio bursts.’

Special RNA molecules called long non-coding RNAs are key controllers for maintaining immune health when fighting infection or preventing inflammatory disorders. The discovery offers a potential drug target for several inflammatory disorders characterized by an abnormal lifespan in a group of white blood cells, which can lead to organ damage.

A surgery for quadriplegics called tendon transfer can significantly improve hand and elbow function, but the procedure is greatly underused, according to a new article.

admin on August 23rd, 2016

Some fish blend seamlessly into their watery surroundings with help from their silvery reflective skin. Researchers have long assumed that squid, shrimp and other ocean animals could see through this disguise, thanks to an ability to detect a property of light — called polarization — that humans can’t see. But a new study finds that not even polarization vision helps animals spot silvery fish from afar.

admin on August 23rd, 2016

Scientists offer new insights into why many animals sleep at night and are active during the day, while others do the reverse.

Scientists merged the domains of health policy with network science and dynamical systems to help understand the mechanisms of policy diffusion in the same way we understand the diffusion of one substance into another.

Sports nutrition recommendations may undergo a significant shift after new research has found individuals with more muscle mass do not need more protein after resistance exercise.

Geographers have completed a large scale data and mapping project to track the flow of internal human migration in low and middle income countries. Researchers have, for the first time, mapped estimated internal migration in countries across three continents; Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.

admin on August 22nd, 2016

A pioneering study has revealed the meteorological impact of the 2015 UK solar eclipse across three countries.